Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Buddy, My Pal

Psst.. it's me..Willie....
Really-Willie- Tell EVERYTHING you know why don't ya?

Boy did I make Buddy mad! He thinks I maybe made him look psychotic. He wasn't impressed when I told him not psychotic, just garden variety crazy.

My Buddy..My Pal

No sense of humor some days with that big moose.

So, cause Buddy really is my very,  very, best friend in the whole wide world, I thought I'd better hop to it - (thinking of you BunBun. Get it? Hop? C'mon BunBun work with me here...) - and rectify things.

After all, he didn't eat me when I was little, and carried me around in his mouth .
So I'm figuring I owe the big ol bull one. Remember? He's got a mouth a VW Beetle will fit in.
I don't think Buddy was overjoyed they day I arrived
You wouldn't believe the things you can find if you look in his big mouth

First I've got to explain this whole body blocking business of his. Medicine Mama says I'm like an unmanned D9 dozer running amok through the woods.

Hello?????  I am a dog that's what we there are so many smells in the woods and -


Oops I was distracted there a minute.

Well see,  for all my plundering , plowing,  path clearing fun - Buddy on the other hand is like a flippin' floodwall. The water has got to get pretty darned high for it to get Medicine Mama.

Its simple - She needs a wall in front of her or the pea brain would fall off a cliff.
I'm serious - she has the attention span of a gnat!
So that's what Buddy does - he keeps her from falling off the cliff, down the steps, out the door, and into a heap. He body blocks her every time and keeps her from hitting the dirt.

I've been watching him, and
~ Buddy, I have too been paying attention! Now shut up I'm working ~
Lord, he's still crabby.

Anyhow, I've been learning to do that and Buddy is helping me. Because Buddy doesn't like people.Because Buddy hates to leave home.  He growled at me and snapped those teeth over that doesn't like people part.
Buddy says he likes people.

Yeah sure Buddy, and Jason will vouch for what a people liking guy you are.

But to keep him happy, I'll explain it for him. I want to keep him happy cause Mr. Is-That-A-Black Angus -Bull-Or-A-Dog could squish me like a fly. He could snap me like a twig.

You betcha  I'm sucking up here. I'm too young to die!

Buddy is my very, very, best friend in the whole wide world

Buddy does like people just fine. It's large numbers of people, it's too many noises, to many distractions, it's going to town, it's too much ..just too much for the big guy to process. He can't decide what he's supposed to block from Medicine Mama first.

And that makes his big old blockhead hurt.

So, Buddy stays home, and Buddy body blocks everything and everybody that could hurt Medicine Mama -
So that whole eat Jason alive thing (that was so NOT my fault bu the way) well, that was just Buddy doing his job. And Jason, he's really, really sorry that he tried to -

 ~Rabbit! ~
HeyBunBun??? Is that you...wait up.......


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