Monday, September 26, 2011

Gulp! It's D-Day!;s me..Willie

I can't sleep - we are just a few hours away from  you know -
That great life altering - and heavy on the altering part - moment.
Yes- Yes - Yes I understand the whole be a responsible fella part of this. My beloved Lily tells me that it's the right thing to do and I trust Lily infinitely -
but FELLAS!!!!
Yes, you males out there...this is stress provoking!
Don't misunderstand me - I like Dr. Tim and the whole crew there- they are all really nice humans who take very good care of me and all the animals in our neighborhood.
Nice is important in humans. Remember - Lily and I don't do mean!
But I am having trouble with being confused about humans again - If they are such nice humans, and Medicine Mama loves me so much WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??????
Medicine Mama says it's a good thing and will keep us all safe, well and happy.
Happy just ain't what I'm thinking right now.

Later Gators..
Gonna go howl at the moon,

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