Friday, September 23, 2011

I Just Don't Get It

Pssst..hey it's me Willie....

You know humans you are a confusing bunch. See - it was raining all day yesterday, and usually that makes Medicine Mama happy - she's a firm believer that rain brings good things. ( The woman is obsessed with mushrooms I tell ya - we really should call her Mushroom Mama)

Those hen of the woods simply would not fit in my packs. She had to carry those herself.

But she was in tizzy , had some bee in her bonnet about this Jeff Foiles guy. Now I've never really met a human I didn't like - Because I am just that likable, friendly sort you know -

But,  I read over her shoulder, and this Foiles fella- I don't think I like him much. He sounds mean.
I don't like mean people, and my beloved Lily - she has a zero tolerance policy on mean.

So we had a  long day at the desk yesterday - and since I am supposed to just lay there calmly at her feet while she works, I had a LOOOOONG day.
Thank goodness she guzzles coffee like there's no tomorrow, and that makes her get up and race to potty periodically. Other wise I'd have been stuck under that darn desk all day!
See Buddy taught me - lay down when sits down, get up when she gets up. And he thought I wasn't paying attention...HA! 

I tried every I am a cute and fun loving fella trick I knew to distract her.
Even rolling around with all those fun cables in my mouth.
By the way BunBun - what is it with these humans their obsessive behavior and attachment  to a bunch of black wire? I've heard your humans are the same way when you chew on those nifty little coils and strings of plastic.
Humans - pfft - you  pick the silliest things to get excited about.

Now here's my confusion - Crabby Pants growled at me every time I came back in from my own potty breaks (okay, okay, there were a couple I faked so I could chase the squirrels) because I was wet and messy and muddy and was just being me out there loving all things wet, smelly, and goopy.
Well, maybe I should have left the crawdads outside. Evidently she likes them better on a fork than on her desk. Again - confusing - when exactly am I and am I not supposed to retrieve crawdads Crabby Pants?

We need a job description here or something. I bet BunBun has one.

I am a water dog - I am a duck dog - rain is water, and ducks usually involve a little too, along with some mud. So, now when am I supposed to be out there racing around in the rain, mud, and muck and when aren't I? Hmmm


And now today she's hyped up about the mushrooms and we're headed out to the river bottoms..and you know what.. she's going to SEND me into mud and muck and rain. On purpose. And tell me what a good dog I am.

See what I mean?
You humans are a confusing bunch some days .

Later Gators...
Gotta go drag Medicine Mama up and down the levees

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