Thursday, September 29, 2011

Learning About Beer

Psst's me Willie..

I made it through D Day with flying colors. Really it wasn't so bad. The worst part was having to be quiet and restful, and stay in my kennel.

But I am such a charming fellow - and everyone at the clinic loves me. I chatted them up and showed them that I am healthy and strong and have energy to spare.
The even told my fuzzy human that I was certainly friendly and enthusiastic about life.

Did you know they give you something that makes you loopy?? I mean LOOOOPY. More loopy than beer.

I know - I know - you are all wondering what a good guy like me knows about beer. I guess I'd better explain. I wouldn't want my beloved Lily to think she's getting some drunk deadbeat- I suspect she has a zero tolerance policy on drunks and deadbeats. 

Part of my job is to fetch things up for Medicine Mama to save her steps, and help her out when she's not walking so good.
Well that fuzzy human in the house thinks I should fetch things up for him too. Secretly I think he just wants to show me off to his friends - because well - I am a talented dog!

So the fuzzy human decided I should fetch up beer for him.
Medicine Mama is not a big fan of all the beer business..

Seemed like every time I fetched up a beer I had a little bit of a hard mouth and poked  holes in the can - those are the flimsiest things -

Perhaps I slurped up a little, because truthfully (don't tell Medicine Mama, she'll be sending me off for an intervention next) it tasted pretty good!

But somehow before the training session was over and I figured out I should soft mouth those cans  I was a little loopy..

Medicine Mama even yelled at the fuzzy human - something along the lines of me being enough trouble (I am not trouble!!!) without me being drunk, hmmm so that's what this loopy feeling is called.

Needless to say - I don't fetch up beer cans anymore. Darn it.

Later Gators -
Medicine Mamas having a rough morning - I 'm off to be cute and entertaining!

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