Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a Crab!

Psst - hey - It's me Willie

Boy is my human a crab these days. There is nothing I can do to please her. And she's not very nice when she's crabby.

I was crushed this past weekend -
My beloved Lily's humans came to visit - and Lily didn't get to come along! I know that Crabby Pants had a hand in that. Then they all went off to play in the woods - where there's a big creek that is great fun for splashing and swimming and I always find dead stuff there to roll in. But- did I get to go?


All that silly lockdown business until I heal up.

Crabby Pants said I had to stay home.

Yesterday morning I was only trying to get her outside - it was really a pretty day and going outdoors always makes her smile; soooooo I took her interview notes and notebook outside . I put some of the notes on the deck, some in the fountain, some under the rosebush. You see, I thought a little scavenger hunt in the sunshine might be fun and help improve her mood.

Well - not so much.

Crabby pants shouted at me! In that "you are a criminal" tone of voice.  Something about deadlines, no time for foolishness.

She called me a piss ant.

A Piss Ant.


I know she doesn't feel good, and I know she is worried. You humans think I don't pay attention. But I hear those conversations about doctors and surgery and hospitals. I think she's a little scared too.

So I just keep laying down with her when she naps, and sitting on her lap, I lick her face and snuggle her up.

No! I am not too big to be a lap dog!

She's going off to the city tomorrow and it is big deal I think because the fuzzy human is going along and he never goes with her.

(and you humans think think I just run around chewing up shoes and sticks  all day  but I pay attention!)

So today I am going be the best dog I can be and maybe Crabby Pants will snap out of it long enough to throw a bumper and stop calling me piss ant.

Piss ant. How offensive.

Later Gators -
I'm going to fetch up Crabby Pants some coffee..

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