Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Have the Nose..That Knows!'s me Willie....

MUD!!! WATER!!! YAY!!!!

Freedom at last! Thankfully all that silly business about having to stay quiet, don't get wet. don't go the woods - Whew! It's finally over! I am able to go swimming, running amok, and mushroom hunting with Medicine Mama again.

I just love stirring  up the mud and water- I'm free again!

I really need to  be out there with her. She is such a klutz and gets her self into the biggest fixes when I am not along to supervise. For instance - just the other day she took a faceplant into the brush pile.


 Would have never happened if she'd had me along...I know my job is to look after her. Just sayin'... she ought to know better than to take off without me. Ahem. Thankfully she didn't really rip anything to shreds- I am not up for being a seeing eye dog. Oh no.. I draw the line at that. Well maybe.. okay fine - you are all correct; I would be a seeing eye dog if that's what she needed. But really - you want to try and tell her she needs one?  Hmm.. Didn't think so.

So anyway - Back to all the fun and mayhem - er - retriever activity the last few days.
First day out we got to go run around with our friends Adam and Piper; well they really are more than just our friends, Piper is my cousin and Adam is just plain special.

See; this is exactly why I like Adam - He'll do the heavy lifting for me. Have you ever seen so much FUNGUS?
I like it when he goes along, takes a little heat off me and he helps her lots so I can go play with Piper and just be a dog. That's important you know - we caregivers need some time to ourselves.

Piper! I'm Free!! I'm Free!!! Lets go Cousin! I smell turkey  poop ahead!

Piper- Tell your human to mellow out- we are waterdogs and this isn't hurting a thing...

Adam didn't believe that I'd been playing find the mushroom with her..but she's been putting this crazy smelly stuff on one of my chompers, smells like fungus to me peee eeew..makes me sneeze sometimes too.

But I know that it's evidently some big deal because when she told me to hunt em up- find the shroom - she got really excited when I found one of those big ugly piles of yes..fungus.

And she thinks I get excited and eat weird things? Would you look at this  pile of fungus? BLECH

Now if it was something dead and smelly- she'd growl at me, if it was goose poop, she'd growl at me.. but if its bones or fungus..those are good things. Who would know? - she is kind of a weirdo you know. 

While we are on this retrieving/hunt em up  subject- why  fungus ? I happen to know we have some perfectly good chukars..I saw them....when do I get to retrieve them? Huh?  Isn't that what I am supposed be after? Huh? BIRDS????

Yep I have a nose that knows - it knows she really needs to clean out this stinky car too!

So anyhow I'm a happy guy - because I have a nose that knows! If it makes her happy, it makes me happy. But Lily my love- would you please speak to your human about this craziness of hers and Medicine Mama's that involved sticking their heads in a skunk hole? Really - We know better and we are just dogs. Oh yeah - that's right, we are dogs with noses that know. Noses that know better than to go sticking them in skunk holes! Think we missed that teachable moment Lily? ?

Later Gators - gotta go find more  fungus ( MM should really just  look in the basement---my nose says there's plenty down there.)

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