Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Been A Great Summer

Psst..hey ..it's me Willie ...

Finally! I have gotten that Wild Woman slowed down and regained my access to the computer. Whew - she's been running around for last week like rabbit  with a pack of hounds hot it on it's trail. ( Oh BunBun calm down-it's just an expression- really - they'd  never set the hounds on you..and if anyone did.. I'd create a diversion..honest)

I've been reading up on this blogging business, because I know how expensive Dolly, Buddy and I can get. They may not care about bringing home the bacon, but I on the other hand insist on doing my part around here.

Remember?  My beloved Lily has that zero tolerance policy on deadbeats?

So in order to improve my skills as a blogger I've been hanging out and reading over Medicine Mamas shoulder when she visits The Outdoor Bloggers Network, there's good stuff there fellow bloggers..seriously you can take advice from a dog, just don't tell your friends and family I'm your adviser - because my schedule is getting a little full these days; and they might think you are as nutty as my human. 

Now this Outdoor Bloggers Network place has these nifty prompts for those who have writers block or need a boost in their creative mojo that seem to very helpful to the humans out there in the blogging world.

Just for the record - I rarely have a problem with having something to say - but the prompts are fun.

So the most recent one was about our favorite photos from this summer, Hah That's a piece of cake! We all know my human as files and files and files of photos.

Without further adieu - here are some of my favorite times from this summer.

~This is not proof that I am an  overachiever retriever - I just couldn't pick just one is all...~

The absolute best part of summer was meeting our hero The Hunters Wife! We  got her out on a boat with flying carp landing at her delicate pink feet!

My human is always happy when she shoots fish..and I get to play in the water! 

Medicine Mama and our best friend Adam at Ferne Clyffe State Park - note the water ;)

Meeting and training with my new friend Hershey and his human Madison

Fishing with our pal Tater 

My new friend and training partner Molly  - even if her human does have that scary  "cop voice" he's really a nice guy

Playing at Silver Creek Hunt Club with Mia, Nes, Piper and Beau while our humans build the new club house

Later Gators...
Medicine Mama's chomping at the bit to go find mushrooms..AGAIN

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