Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm BAAACK!!!!

Psst.. it's me Willie...I'm Back!!!!
Where have I been you ask? 
(all over hell and back - remember who I live with? )

Oh, it was such an unfortunate turn of events, and just for the record, I was truly NOT GUILTY!

That crazy woman I live with banned me from the computers!
Can you belive it?
It truly was some great misunderstanding. Frankly, I blame HER!

SHE is the one who left  her e bay page and pay pal account open.
SHE should know better than that don't you think?

I really didn't mean to buy all that stuff...it was a mere slip of a paw.
After all I was just browsing decoys, and wingers, and fancy schmacy leads and collars....I might have pressed the occasional "buy now" button. 
Hey you try typing with webbed, furry, paws. MISTAKES HAPPEN!

So, the end result? The Evil Queen banned me for YEAR! A YEAR!! Lordy, I have fans and friends, and followers and she bans me from the internet for a year? There went my career out the window.

But I have worked hard, done my job and taken care of her old raggedy fanny well. I have been pardoned and I'm back!!!

Later Gators..I have a lot of Facebook pals to catch up with!

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