Thursday, March 7, 2013

There's a Conspiracy Afoot.....

Pssst... Hey it's me Willie!

There's a conspiracy afoot  here. I am NOT  talking about gun grabs, political upheaval or civil wars. I'll leave all that to you crazy, foil hat wearing, humans.

But there is a conspiracy - THE BIG DOGS ARE OUT TO GET ME!

Oh sure it's all great when you are little and cute and full of puppy breath. But trust me, life at the bottom of the pack isn't so wonderful as time goes on.

Dangerous Dolly

Lordy that Dolly - you know - The Grand Dame - that rules the roost. She is getting to be one heck of crabby old broad. There I said it. Dolly is a crab ass. And furthernmore, Dolly is not thrilled with retirement and having me as her replacement. I think she misses going to all the cool places that I get to go with the crazy lady. But at least she gets to go and just be a dog. I have to WORK!

This where the conspiracy starts... Dolly is trying to make me look like a pillow gutting, destroying, destructive young man. She doesn't want me moving up the ladder...kennel politics I tell ya, they are tiresome.


Innocent I tell you!

Dolly is a known and recorded gutter.. she rips the stuffing out everything that crosses her path and leaves a wake  of fiber fill and feathers behind her. All I do is occasionally nap in what she leaves behind.

Please note: Buddy and I are ignoring the scene of the crime - because we are innocent!

Seriously - That darn Dolly goes on a gutting frenzy, leaves a piles of soft stuff and NO ONE sees it. Let me lay my head down for one minute in the soft fluff and instantly the whole world sees  it and accuses me!!! UNJUSTLY accuses me.

I'm on to you Dangerous Dolly - I'll not get caught in this trap again!

Please friends - ignore all those tirades by  my humans about my destructive habits - It's all that sneaky Dolly. I assure you..all Dolly's doings as part of her conspiracy to keep me forever at the bottom of the pack.

Well, Ms. Dangerous Dolly.. hang on to your sheepskin blankie sister.. I have few  tricks of my own !
Let the games begin! 

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