Friday, February 3, 2012

Life's Short- Play In the Mud!

Just popping in for moment - nothing profound today.. because well I'm busy zoom, zoom, zooming around. .
Swiped the keys, the phone and the tablet.. will be picking up pals soon..for a little fun, fun, fun 'til Chief Jason takes the T Bird away...
Oh stop fussing..we will wear our seat belts!

So my message today - Life is short! Have Fun! Go Outside!, Get Muddy! Splash  In  Puddles!.. it's good for your soul!

Go on..get muddy today! I double dog dare you!

Run and play hard- it's good for the heart!

Splash..just cause you can!

GO Play!

Later gators ... got zooming to do before Chief Jason catches us! 

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