Monday, December 5, 2011


It was a long scary weekend for one of my friends.  Mama's friend Jules has  some  little  Chihuahuas. Now look don't go passing judgement already because they are Chihuahuas - I tolerate no breed discrimination..nor does my love Lily..we are not like THAT.

Lucy means as much to Jules as I do to my human.. so she isn't a retriever or a gun dog? So what? Lucy has been with Jules through her roughest, darkest days, and we dogs know..We know when our humans need extra love.. we're smart that way.

Not that I would ever encourage any dog friend to go on a walk about - especially when my dog friend is a Chihuahua who lives in coyote territory - but sometimes.. well our noses just lead us on down the road where maybe..just maybe,  we ought not be going. It's dog thing. My dog friends all know and are looking around in guilty shame.. we've all done it. Dogs.. admit it!

Well, Little Lucy  went on journey this weekend. Bad timing there Lucy...

Lucy's  human is recovering from surgery and couldn't hoof it all over three counties to look for her.
Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth that took place.

I kept telling  my human that Lucy was fine.. keep the faith.


Did anyone listen to me? I really don't think so.. The humans were all in a tizz because it was nasty weather for a little gal like Lucy -  bad time to be outside all night . None of the humans would dare to even say the coyote word out loud.

What the humans did was band together.. dog people; they are darn good folks. Humans who owned big dogs, little dogs, medium dogs, young dogs, old dogs, and even a few stupid dogs.. (sorry but  some of my dog pals just aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer..) used all this internet stuff and and their love of  all us wonderful canines to help find Lucy. Our great friend Gila who knows everybody in the dog world..created a flyer and sent it  to half the country. LITERALLY. My pals at Retrievers Unlimited helped out and passed the word. The retrievers all put those good noses in the air, took a good sniff, and agreed with me.. Keep the faith humans.. Lucy will be fine.

The word spread far and wide.

This morning I found out that after a night on the town Saturday (psst me and tell me all the dirt..I bet you had heck of good time!) and long, cold,  wet, day  yesterday, Lucy was found safe and sound.

Now in celebration of her safe return - Lucy got pie..Lucy got whipped cream on her pie!

For the record - I got called a criminal and boot in my butt when I came home from my last journey.. There is no justice...~ sigh - snort -sigh~

But I kept the faith, and my human kept the faith, and all the great dogs and dog people I know kept the faith that Lucy would be fine. And she was. 

Because after all - we dogs know.

Later Gators....
Listen to your dog friends.. cause DOGS KNOW!

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